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November 2022

Manifesto Simpol. the reactive agency

A simple and coincidental article: we have the new Simpol Manifesto. The reactive agency!



With the new expansion of our headquarters, the re-design of the logo and the strengthening of our identity, the manifesto also needed to be revised.
Revised yes, not distorted!
For this reason, the footage of the previous video (if you missed it) You can find it here) are mixed with the new ones to create a new version of the astroboy, more adult and aware.

The video tells about our journey, our values and our reality, ranging from an evocative tone to a more direct one to allow us to tell ourselves at our best.
The growth that takes place in the character also represents our evolution that, year after year, has led us to be who we are. Our journey is still long and we, just like our astroboy, will continue to evolve and explore new dimensions and realities.



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