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December 2023

An Afternoon of Joy and Solidarity

In the welcoming setting of the RSA Villa Anna Maria in Turin, an atmosphere of joy and solidarity permeated the environment during a special afternoon organized in collaboration with Simpol. the reactive agency, the communication agency responsible for managing social media and the structure's website.

The event saw active interaction between the guests of Villa Anna Maria and the agency's staff supported by the RSA staff: an afternoon dedicated to spreading the Christmas warmth through engaging and festive activities.

Guests had the opportunity to test their cooking skills by participating in a fun Christmas cookie making session. With the thoughtful support of the Simpol team and the staff of the structure, delicious desserts have been created, transforming the experience into a moment of sharing and collaboration.

Bingo was another highlight of the day that filled the air with laughter and fun. The friendly competition involved both guests and staff, creating an atmosphere of inclusion and participation.

In addition to recreational activities, a moment of gastronomic relaxation was organized at the end of the day: after baking the cookies prepared previously, a delicious tea break was served in the main room.

In conclusion, the initiative left a positive impression both among the guests of the RSA Villa Anna Maria and among the staff of the structure and the communication agency. The celebration of Christmas has become a moment of connection and solidarity, thanks to the synergy between the professionals involved, demonstrating how collaboration can make the holidays even more special.


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