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June 2020

Welcome in Simpol. agency

Maybe you've already heard of us, maybe you also know us in person or you're our customer, so there's no need for a further explanation of who we are, right? Wrong!
Since the beginning of the year we have revolutionized everything, absolutely everything!

We were born as a creative laboratory, a space where each individual had the opportunity to develop their talent. We have taken advantage of all the experience gained in recent years and we have transformed it into responsiveness in producing results.
With the arrival of 2020, Simpol-Lab looks to the future, it evolves, this is how it was born Simple. agency: a communication agency capable of transforming innovative ideas into high-level productions, generating real and strong connections between companies and consumers through the web.

We have thought for a long time about how to communicate this important change, our values and plans for the future.
The answer came directly from space, with our β€œAstroboy.”: a curious, enterprising traveler who explores new worlds and frontiers of innovation, who arrived here with an important message that has become our manifesto:


Hi, Humans we have a message for you



At this point, we realized that despite a new logo, a new site, a new Mission. and a new Vision. we needed to do more, we needed to do what we do best.
Here is our commercial!





But why stop here on the most beautiful one? We need a change of air!
Our beloved headquarters no longer reflects the new philosophy of Simple agency and it can't contain all our crazy ideas anymore, so, with a touch of nostalgia, we decided to move to a beautiful, sustainable, beautiful, innovative, beautiful and bright new home... did we already say it will be beautiful?
We will become an integral part of an innovative design and culture hub on the outskirts of Turin that encompasses prestigious realities belonging to the field of creativity, design, furniture and catering.
Where? We'll reveal it soon!

Well, if you've come this far it's because you've read something interesting and we're very happy about it.
For us, this change is a symptom of growth and progress, and we can't wait to show you everything we're creating.

We'll talk soon!


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