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August 2020

Our new headquarter

We are happy to invite you, even if virtually for the time being, to our brand new headquarters!

‍Please take a seat in our living room while I take you on this virtual tour of the location:


Our New Home


First of all, long live sustainability!

One of the main values at Simpol, which we are going to explore in the next newsletters, is sustainability, not only environmental but also work and human. What does it have to do with the new headquarters? Well a little bit of everything...

We are located inside Format Space, an innovative hub of Italian excellence inserted in the context of the Stupinigi natural park, near the homonymous Savoy Hunting Hall just outside Turin.

The structure is completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view and built with total respect for the environment in which it is inserted.

The presence of solar panels, FSC certified eco-sustainable furniture and a careful technological choice, make it our ideal space.

In addition, we have furnished it more like a second home than an office, so as to make it welcoming, stimulating and comforting.

Feeling good and at ease is a fundamental point of human sustainability.


Second point: many excellent realities and excellent connections.

The space contains prestigious realities belonging to the field of design, furniture and catering.

In fact, we find Housing project format: elegant furniture and design showroom, Home Format: an environmentally sustainable restaurant owned by the La Credenza group, Sp143: contemporary pizzeria of the La Credenza group, Sartoria: a reference point for refined textures, tiles and fabrics, Format home: a team of home lifting professionals, Format store: furniture e-commerce, and from today we are also at Simple agency!



Fourth, but not least, we have a citizen spokesperson!
We like to do things big and so we moved not to one but to two new locations!
We decided to open a representative office also in Turin in Corso Moncalieri 23, collaborating with Colorlife, well-known Turin typography.
This second office allows us to be present even in the city and to enjoy all its advantages!

Unfortunately, the current health situation does not allow events to take place, but don't worry, as soon as possible we will have such a fantastic inauguration that it will be hard to forget and of course you will be part of it!


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