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May 2021

Spring Shooting | Ligier Group Italy

“What's the difference between a raven and a desk?”

A fun riddle based on a well-known work, which inspired us in our last shooting campaign — countryside in every sense, given the spectacular location surrounded by greenery, home to an impressive castle and wisteria in bloom.

You probably already know what work we are referring to (or you just Googled it), so soon, don't waste too much time, jump with us down the White Rabbit Hole and come and discover the spring shooting of “Ligier in Wonderland”!

A young, fresh and #goodvibes shooting, created in the wonderful location of Torre Valgorrera, a stone's throw from Turin.
As always, the target audience is that of very young people, so even the atmospheres and topics covered go hand in hand with their passions and needs.
Sustainability, ecology, integration and self-expression are the values that are most dear to Generation Z and on which we focus all brand communication.
Between lakes and romantic tea rooms, the new social contents for Ligier Group Italia have come to life, carrying out the important communication management project of the brand, started five years ago and evolved year after year into a wonderful collaboration.

In the video we asked Antonello Curcuruto — CEO of Ligier Group Italy; Simone Arena — Founder & Creative Director of Simpol. agency; Martina Cavaglià — Executive Producer, to explain and summarize the story, the project and the implementation of the ambitious project.

Simple agency | Ligier Social Content Shooting 2021 | Spring

Are you still racking your brains to find a solution to the riddle of the raven and the desk? Don't worry, the writer himself admitted that he had invented it voluntarily without meaning, and then corrected himself later by inventing imaginative and articulated solutions with word games.

Our tip of the week? Try to train your problem solving skills by simply looking at the problem from another perspective!


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